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The 3H Movement was founded in 2006 in Istanbul as Liberal Office. Since 2006, 3H Movement started to be active in the fields of human rights, economic freedoms, and rights advocacy in Turkey using the name Liberal Office.
In 2013, it changed its name to 3H Movement (Freedom, Law, Tolerance) in order to attain the status of an association. Since 2006, the 3H Movement as a youth movement has educated its volunteers and members on human rights, the rule of law, and economic freedoms; encourages them to become political activist, policy-making, and non-governmental workers. With its activities such as Liberal Youth Congressses, Liberal Economics Congresses, Freedom Forums, Liberalism Summer, and Winter Camps, it aims to enable young people to have knowledge and ideas in areas such as liberalism and human rights, and to develop their skills.

Our Team

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Emre Koca

He is studying in the Department of Computer Engineering at MEF University. He is an LGBTI+ activist. He has 1 cat and 1 dog. He loves cinema and coffee.
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Ata Birol

Secretary General
He studies political science, international relations, and sociology at Bahcesehir University, and he loves cats very much.
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Ahmet Öztopkara

Ankara Coordinator
He studies in the philosophy department at Middle East Technical University. He works towards the development of libertarian ideology in Turkey and the establishment of liberal university communities.
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Ekin Siyahhan

International Office
She studies political science and international relations at Bogazici University. She loves dancing.
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Seray Soylu

Communications Coordinator
She studies international relations at Koç University. She is interested in the quest for rights, especially the women's struggle. Her interests include radio, music, and writing. She loves Circassian manti and festivals.
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Abdullah Şanlı

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Kürşad Görgen